About Me

I’m Melana, AKA Mellie and welcome to my Simpler Spot! I’m a single mom and I currently work 2 jobs on top of blogging. My Kiddo is in middle school and was recently placed on the Autism spectrum. I am still learning a lot about how his thought processes work and what I can do to help him navigate life. I was diagnosed several years ago with Fibromyalgia, which has limited some aspects of my life.

I like to keep things as simple as possible, if for no other reason than to maintain sanity! It also helps with my fibro symptoms to not over-complicate daily life.

We live in east Pennsylvania, but I was born and raised in south Louisiana. I’m a Cajun girl at heart but love living up north. My blog will feature anything from amazing recipes to home projects. I may also sprinkle in some overall life advice that I’ve learned along the way and tips on how we manage my son’s Autism and my Fibromyalgia.