Fibro Flares

It has been quite a while since I last posted. I’ve been super busy then a fibro flare happened (and is still happening!). This resulted in quite a few 7:30/8pm bedtimes. The exhaustion, fatigue, and pain are overwhelming. In the midst of the flare, I decided to do some research on fibro-sensitive diets (since scrolling on my tablet is about all the energy I had) and came across many interesting articles that suggest gluten-free.

The last time I went gluten-free, I suffered carb flu very badly. Because I’m working through a flare, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to add that on top. So, what have I decided to do? Well, I’m slowly weaning the carbs out. I started with soda, my morning biscuits, and lunchtime rice. This presented a few challenges since I usually have sausage & biscuits for breakfast every morning and a piece of baked chicken with rice for lunch. I can prepare the biscuits ahead, they travel well and only need a quick reheat in the toaster oven at work. Plus I never reheat the chicken, just the rice. However, I really want to feel better. You have no idea how badly I want to feel better.

I decided to still have my sausage, only in crumbles, not in that yummy white gravy (it’s flour-based, blah). I’ve been eating scrambled eggs & sausage for breakfast followed by a mid-morning snack of an avocado with lemon juice. For lunch, I’ve been eating a hamburger patty and salad followed by blackberries & sunflower seeds.

Needless to say, I’m starving by the time I get home. You don’t know how filling carbs are until you don’t eat them anymore. Today is only day 2 so I’m hoping this gets better as the days go by. This is forcing me to expand my taste buds though and I ended making the most delicious shrimp Sunday evening. I will post the recipe in another thread.

I’m curious to see how this turns out and I’m hoping for the best – that I have more energy, less pain, less fatigue, and I can actually do things again!

To all my fellow fibro warriors out there… Keep fighting, friends. This really sucks. I get you. I feel you. I’m proud of everything we manage to get done every day. Even if it’s just washing your hair – small victories add up.